Ben and Erin

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Our Story

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate with us! We truly felt the love all around us, and we hope you did too!

Ben and I met when we were just little tikes. Our dads were (and still are to this day) best friends, and I had already formed my own best-friendship with Ben's sister, Jen. Fast-forward 30+ years, Ben and I had been part of a sequence of parties and gatherings where we were continuously mistaken for a couple already, although we had not yet decided to take the plunge and try a romantic relationship. Another year later, and we were both starting to figure out that there may be something more than just friendship between us to explore. So we started a semi-long distance relationship to see how things went.

After only about 6 months of dating, COVID hit and offered us an opportunity to be a shorter distance apart (namely, living together) since both of our jobs switched us to a mainly work-from-home schedule. It was the best decision we've made! We have all been hit hard in 2020, but we are also so grateful for the ways in which we have gotten to grow in 2020 that may have not been possible in the same way in other years.

Ben knew pretty early on that he wanted to propose, but COVID meant that my dad was hard to visit. Ben wanted to make sure to ask for his blessing before moving forward, so he patiently waited (and I, having the sense that something was on the horizon, waited less patiently) for my dad to return. Once he had a chance to sit down with my dad in person, the rest fell into place almost instantly. In October, we visited Montana. Only a day after arriving, Ben told me he badly wanted to go on an adventure. So we jumped in the Jeep and 4-wheeled it up some dusty dirt roads to a remote hunting cabin. As soon as we stepped into the front room at the cabin, I opened my big mouth and noted how interesting it was that the wood-burning stove had been running, so someone must have been there recently. Ben dropped to one knee right there inside the door, and popped that infamous question. Little had I known, he had stashed some champagne to pop as well.

Many of our friends and family have long said that we were made for each other. Turns out, it just took us a while to figure it out. We can't WAIT to celebrate with everyone we love!