Wedding Party

Claire McShane

Matron of Honor

Claire and I were born into this life as sisters, but we have grown into so much more. I know that I can always rely on her as my confidante, a pillar of strength and grace, and one of my very best friends. Our heart-to-hearts keep me grounded. She is always there for me if I every need an honest sounding board, and she will tell me the truth if I am ever being extra crazy on any given day.

Since we were young, there has never been a question of who I would want as my Matron of Honor when I were to get married. I am SO grateful I will have her standing by my side when I get to marry Ben!

Sophie True


Sophie is my sister in every way - in genetics, and in love and friendship. Since Sophie is 11 years my junior, it is one of my duties to give her a hard time every once in a while for how "Gen-Z" she is, but I am so thankful that she is here to keep me young. I wouldn't be nearly as proficient in the "youngster lingo" if she weren't here to educate me ;)

Sophie radiates a light and kindness that many people would only dream to have. She is genuinely one of the sweetest and most sincere people I know.

When I started thinking about my bridal party, it was not so much a question of "if" I would ask Sophie to stand up with me, but rather "when". I feel blessed that she has agreed to be my bridesmaid.

Jen Bothell


Jen is Ben's sister, and she has been my sister in crime since we were just babies. We have had countless adventures together, and every single one has been an absolute blast! There's nobody I'd rather have as my cohort in life than this lady. Even Jen's move to Bellingham when we were young couldn't keep us apart.

From the moment Ben and I started dating seriously, I knew our wedding just wouldn't be complete without this amazing human standing next to me to give her blessing to our union. I am feel so blessed to have Jen as a sister in friendship, and soon, an official sister-in-law!

Alicia Cusack


Alicia is my cousin, god-sister, and has been one of my very best friends longer than I can remember. She is always someone I can rely on to give me her God's-honest opinion and be the most logical, straight forward person. She also can just as easily make me belly laugh until my face hurts from smiling so hard. She "gets" me in the most unique way that I have never found in anyone else.

When considering my bridal party, Alicia came quickly to mind and was an obvious choice to ask to be my bridesmaid. I can't wait to celebrate with her and continue our lifelong commitment to finding shenanigans wherever we go!

Jason Jorgensen

Best Man

Jason has a bright smile and warm heart. As my cousin and friend, he's been there for me through many ups and downs. I'm proud to have him as my Best Man to help me welcome the love of my life into the Jorgensen family.

Andrew Cox


Andrew is one of my very best friends. Our man-dates usually consist of good scotch, good cigars, and good company. From discussing philosophy to love and what truely matters in life, I know I can count on Andrew to be there - he's no square!

I can't wait for you be there with me on my big day, man!

Jake Jorgensen


Jake and I are cousins, but growing up together it always felt like we were brothers. That special life-long bond is what drew me to ask him to stand up with me on my wedding day.

I'm so glad you'll be there with me, Jake!

David Bothell


Dave, my brother from another mother... Well, brother-in-law, technically!
This sucker married my sister, and I'm thrilled that he'll be there with me as I tie the knot with my future wife.

Hope you're ready for this celebration, Dave!